oh sweet sadie fall 2013 :: booth sneak peek

You guys!  My first art/craft show, Oh Sweet Sadie! is TONIGHT!  Wanna see my booth?


oh sweet sadie fall 2013

This is my sister-in-law, Steph.  She glued 1,000,000 earring posts to my little studs, gave opinions about necklace lengths and prices, and helped me stock the booth for the show.  Also, her brother let us borrow his SUV so we could haul all the wood and gear up to the show.  Which brings me to some news…

I got in a car accident a few weeks ago.  Everyone is fine- zero injuries except my beloved Pilot.  It was totaled.  I miss it SO MUCH!  We decided to take the money we got from the insurance and stick in the bank (we are sometimes so sensible that I hate us- let’s blow it on a trip abroad!).  Anyway, we are back to being a one {tiny} car family…and a family that walks more or stays home!

That’s pretty much it.  I just wanted to keep you in the loop as to why I seem to have fallen off the face of the internet.

1,000 kisses to you all.  Unless you’re creepy- no kisses for you.


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  1. hi briton!
    it was so nice to meet you this past weekend at oh sweet sadie:) you were a welcome face to this new state. hope to run into you again. love your blog!

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