Last night we headed to American Fork to see a local production of Aida.  Have you seen it?  Such a great show!

I really liked the feeling of community- it seemed like a lot of the cast were related to each other.  I kept thinking how fun it must be to be in a show with a sibling or parent.  This production of Aida had some great talent but it was also a great place for beginners.


I especially liked the venue- The American Fork Amphitheater.  There is something so fun about sitting outside, surrounded by trees, watching the light change from dusk to darkness during a show.






One of the great things about the show was the concessions.  Usually places charge you SO much for water and snacks…everything was $1 here.  This was nice because miss Hollis doesn’t grasp the concept of sharing and prefers to scream when she doesn’t want to!  Plus, the money is helping fund a cool trip for a local school choir.


Funny things Noa asked during the show:

Wait, they’re from Neptune? (Nubia)
Are they hobos or something? (Nubians)
Is it half-time yet? (Intermission)



My favorite part about the whole night?  Listening to Isca and Hollis sing, “Aida!” with the cast, because they couldn’t help themselves.  And then we sang half the ride home and I’m pretty sure Luke will be serenading his office all next week…because he can’t not sing, ever.

Tonight is the LAST performance so GO!  The show starts at 8pm and ends just before 10:30.  There is a 15 minute intermission/half-time.  Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for students and seniors, $35 for a family ticket (immediate members only).

If you go, take stadium chairs or a blanket.  You sit on rocks.  Also, the rocks are roasty toasty from sitting in the sun all day.  Isca loved laying on them!  You can rent stadium chairs there for $2.  If your little ones get noisy, you can take them to the top and still watch/listen without disrupting…I love this because you have to start somewhere with taking kids to the theater.  Hollis struggled a little (it was WAY past her bedtime) but the big kids were perfect.

You can find more information about this production of Aida here.

I was given complimentary tickets to this performance.  Thanks, American Fork and Highland Art Councils!

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