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Les Madeleines in Salt Lake City is a gem.  You must go there and have a Kouing Aman.  Don’t even finish reading this.  Go!

Les Madeleines

A Kouing Aman is a pastry from Brittany, France and it is so so perfect.  The outside is crisp with caramelized sugar but the inside is chewy, buttery, soft and just dense enough to be satisfying.  It is one of my favorite treats, ever.

Les Madeleines Kouing Aman


Les Madeleines Kouing Aman


Luke and I stopped in late on a recent Saturday morning for brunch.  The weather was beautiful so we ate outside with a few other couples and dogs and watched the leaves of the trees blow.

Les Madeleines

We tried a few other things as well, a Ham and Cheese Croissant and a Passionfruit Macaron.  Both were delicious.

Les Madeleines Ham and Cheese Croissant


Les Madeleines Passionfruit Macaron

The only problem is now I’ve had it, I want MORE.  Thank goodness Luke works downtown and he knows I’d rather be surprised with a Kouing Aman than flowers…

Les Madeleines

Don’t live in the Salt Lake City area?  No worries, they ship!!


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  1. Ummm… YES PLEASE!!! I love finding new little eateries and I especially love little cafes and even more I LOVE pastries. So to me, this post was a tripple winner in my book. Learned of a new place I would love to try out :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a treasure to find! I love French pastries. Pinning this so I remember it the next time we are in Salt Lake!

  3. Oh! I so need to get up there! I ♥ Kouing Amans!

  4. I would always rather have yummy food than flowers any day. Those looke delish!


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