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Luke and I went on a date over the weekend.  A good old date can be so refreshing after a long few weeks of summer.  We needed it.

We decided to try Frida Bistro because we heard they have amazing desserts…

frida bistro entrance

It was the perfect night for eating outside.  Here’s what we got and how we felt about it:

frida bistro drinks

There were so so many drinks.  The margarita menu was a page long!!  We’re non-alcoholic folks so we opted for a grilled pineapple/jalepeno limeade and a raspberry/rosemary limeade.  AMAZING.  I’ve been dreaming of that pineapple/jalepeno all weekend.  And the raspberry with the rosemary…perfection.  frida bistro appetizers

top: Quesadilla de Huitlacoche {Sweet Corn Truffle with Menonita Cheese and Three-Chile Mango Marmalade} $11

middle: Guacamole with House-made Blue Corn Tortilla Chips $ not sure, it wasn’t on the menu, Blue Cornflour Cakes with candied-spiced pepitas $ At every table

bottom: Albondigas de Pollo con Mole Negro {Chicken-Corn-Cilantro Meatballs/Mexican Crema/Chocolate Mole Sauce, House-made corn tortillas} $9

I wasn’t super impressed with any of these appetizers.  The Albondigas were probably my favorite but they were pretty sweet.  The house-made corn tortillas were great, though.  I’ve been searching SLC for corn tortillas that don’t taste like dried out plastic and now I’ve found it!  Also, the candied-spiced pepitas were good.

frida bistro entrees

We split two entrees…

Lubina al Pistacho {Pistachio-crusted Sea Bass/Corn-Cilantro-Jalepeno Sauce/Mexican Risotto/Tri-colored Cauliflower} $26

Chile en Nogada {Shredded Beef, Sundried Fruit, and Nuts stuffed in a Poblano Pepper/Walnut Cream Sauce/Pomegranate Seeds/Asparagus} $22

Again, I wasn’t impressed.  Not disappointed but certainly not wowed.  The food all looks beautiful but lacked in little details like using canned vegetables in the Mexican Risotto and bland sauces that felt lost.  The pistachio crust was the best thing about the sea bass.

frida bistro dessert

For dessert:

Tres Leches {Moist coconut-lime cake, sweet whipped cream, seasonal berries, passion fruit reduction with pineapple/kiwi relish, mini jalepeno meringues} $10

“Next time we come: less food, MORE DESSERT!!”  This is what I said to Luke after the first bite of dessert.  It was the best thing I ate that night and one of best things I’ve eaten, ever.  I would go back again and again for the Tres Leches!!

If you go I suggest splitting one appetizer, one entree, and TWO desserts!  And the limeades, GET THE LIMEADES!

Check out the full menu at Frida Bistro, here.

*If you’re looking for something cool to do after eating, check out Granary Row– we drove through but didn’t stop because we had about 800 lbs. of food that needed to get in our fridge!




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  1. ALL this food looks absolutely amazing! I’m definitely going to get a hot date (my husband) and go try out these delicious dishes! Thank you for the post. Love your photos! So glad I found this post today on Utah Bloggers.

  2. Wow! What a neat place – the food looks so interesting and fun. Those limeades have me intrigued.. I definitely would be willing to try the jalapeno.

    • It was such a tasty drink! I was scared at first but it had just a little bit of burn, as an aftertaste- it was SOOOOO good! Let me know if you go!


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