slc: day 1

We spent the morning and early afternoon of our anniversary getting the kids to school, gardening, and packing.  We drove to Salt Lake and met my dad at his work to drop the kids off with him.  They headed up to a cabin in the mountains and Luke and I stayed in the city.

We were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple so we went there first and found a quiet bench (a hard task since there were about 5 million wedding parties there!).  We exchanged presents- I got Luke a new wedding ring since he lost the first one in Vegas, ahem.  He gave me a dvd of pictures of our first 10 years together, set to music he picked out.  Then we spent some time at the temple.

After the temple we checked in at our hotel.  We splurged since it was a milestone anniversary (our 10th!) and stayed at The Grand America, Salt Lake’s only 5-star luxury hotel.  We further splurged and reserved an executive suite.  (Here’s my review!)

After we checked in and unpacked we headed to dinner at The New Yorker.  (Review here!)  It was still light out after dinner and the weather was beautiful so we walked around downtown.

After our walk, we went back to the hotel, lounged around, watched t.v. and went to bed.

Reviews of The Grand America and The New Yorker coming…as well as day 2!

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