10 second earring upcycle


I’m not a huge fan of dangly earrings.  Well, sometimes I am.


I got these earrings for a couple bucks on clearance and wore them a few times but they are boring.


So, I pulled a 10 second earring upcycle and snipped off the dangle with some wire cutters.  Now I have tiny little studs that are classy and discreet.



ta da…



And two left over dangles.  I think they need to become necklaces.



Maybe I will keep one and give one to a reader…eh?  Then we could be matchy-match best friends forever, and ever.  Until then:



You guys.  It is HARD to take pictures of yourself with a clunky camera.  How do the other bloggers do it??


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  1. me! let me be your matchy matchy bff and ever!


  1. giveaway says:

    […] the earrings I upcycled a few weeks ago?  And how I mentioned turning part of them into matchy match best friends forever […]

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