becoming a YES mom

Something I’ve been working on lately:  creating a strong sense of being positive in our home.

…by becoming a ‘yes’ mom.

It is easier to say, “no,” because you don’t have to think, make an effort, or worry.  But, it contributes to your kids feeling like you never let them do anything and that you are negative.  If you always say, “no,” initially, then change your answer later, you will have no credibility for when your really mean it.  Now, I’m not talking about saying, “no,” to important things like wearing seat belts or playing with matches.  I’m talking about all the little requests- to bake cookies, to paint, going to a movie with a friend, etc.
Here are some questions to ask yourself the next time you find yourself saying, “no.”
Why?  Is this dangerous, hurtful, a bad habit?  Am I being lazy?  Am I avoiding worrying about them?  Am I being controlling?
If your answer really is, “no,” for a good reason, keep it that way.  Explain why you are saying it and that you will not change your mind.

Try it over the next few days and weeks, you’ll feel the difference and it will be a big step toward a happier home!

PS- Happy Mothers’ Day: (to all women- mother or not- who nurture and ‘mother’ the people in their lives)

Me and my brood of wild beasties

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