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After our Christmas vacation to North Carolina (post here) was spent locked indoors with almost every ailment possible, we were DETERMINED to go do something on our Spring Break in Arizona.  We drove by a zoo/aquarium one of the first days there so we looked it up, found some coupons, and got to it.

Noa and Isca chose their own outfits…they were running with the theme

Here are the awesome things about Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium:

It’s big and has a TON of cool animals!  Noa is obsessed with tigers, hyenas, and saltwater crocodiles.  They had all 3!  Hollis is obsessed with birds.  She got to feed some!  Isca doesn’t like zoos/is terrified of everything.  She was mostly cooperative and nice!

It was interactive.  The aquarium side has touch pools and you can touch the rays.  The zoo has a lorry feeding where you go in and feed them apples.  It also has a petting zoo with llamas, goats, deer, etc.

Here are the things that made me grumpy:

It’s expensive!  $29 for adults, $14.95 for kids (3-12)  We found a coupon online that got the kids in free with a paying adult.  There was also a coupon in the newspaper for $4 off up to 4 adults but it couldn’t be used with any other offer.  We payed $60 for the 5 of us and Luke’s brother got his family of 3 in for $50 (2 adults, 1 baby).  If the kids were older and had better attention spans/interest, it would be worth it but the babies were done and ready for their beds pretty quickly.

Not enough water fountains.  I think I counted 5 total in the entire zoo!  This is Arizona, people!  We asked the restaurant if they would fill a cup with water for us and they wouldn’t.  They said we could find a drinking fountain or buy a bottle of water.  $3 for 20 oz.  $15 dollars for water?  Uh, no.  We trekked to a fountain.  It tasted like zoo.

Expensive food.  This is to be expected.  You can’t bring food in so pack a cooler and go to your car for lunch.  We got two sub sandwiches from the Congo Cooker.  They were $7 each and actually pretty tasty.  They fed the 5 of us just right (I also packed mandarin oranges and granola bars so we weren’t death-bed starving).  The Congo Cooker has quick food like hot dogs, nachos and subs.  There are also a few sit-down restaurants but we didn’t check them out.

It’s almost too big.  We were all dead by the end and we didn’t even see everything.  If you go, plan to spend the day and map out your trip before you get there.  We wasted time/energy going back and forth a bit.  Know which shows/encounters you want to see and what time and plan accordingly!

And now, more pictures:

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