two steps back, also known as swedish fish

I ate so so many of those Swedish Fish jelly beans yesterday.  They were on the kitchen island and every time I walked by I mindlessly ate a few.  I got 1 billion percent of the sugar I should have for the day.

While I was saying my prayers/meditating before bed I remembered how crappy I had eaten all day.  I felt so ungrateful for treating my body poorly.  How could I vocally thank my Heavenly Father for this wonderful body that has carried me, warned me, produced children, etc. knowing that I had not thanked Him with my actions?  I couldn’t, so I apologized to Him, to my body, and to my heart and made a commitment to start over and do better.  Second chances can be a beautiful thing.

So, here I am, one day later, and I’ve eaten food that my body can use to work and heal and get stronger.
One day later, I’ve learned to not keep candy on the counter.  One day later, I’m more grateful for quiet promptings that keep me heading forward toward a better me.

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