15 classic roadtrip games

As I was putting together TRAVEL WITH KIDS: roadtrip!, I realized I needed to do an entire post on road trip games.  Here’s a list of some great classic road trip games:

1. I Spy- Somebody says, “I spy, with my little eye, something pink.”  Then everyone takes turns guessing what it could be.  Whoever guesses it goes next.

2. The Alphabet Game- Everyone plays at the same time and tries to see who can get from A to Z first.  If you see a word that starts with the letter you yell it out.  Nobody can use the same word as you so yell it fast!  You can change the rules for tough letters like Q and find a word that contains it.

3. The Memory Game- Here’s the one we played growing up: “A.  My name is Allison, I live in Arizona and I have a basket full of Apples.”  Then the next person repeats what has already been said, adds the next letter, and so on.  You can make it easier by choosing a category and only having one word per letter. ANIMALS- ape, buffalo, cat, etc.

4. The Quiet Game- Everyone has to be quiet and the person who does it longest is the winner.

5. The License Plate Game- Everyone keeps a list of the different license plates they see.  The winner is whoever sees the most variety.  You could assign points to each state and bonus points for other countries.

6. License Plate Lingo- Take the letters from the plate and make a phrase.  The first person to say something that makes sense, wins.  Example: ABC 123…All Birds Chirp.

7. The Number Game- A bit like The Alphabet Game…use license plates, exit signs and road signs to count to whatever number you want.  You shout out your number and where you saw it and nobody else can use it from the same place.

8. Rock, Paper, Scissors- Two players make a fist and count to 3.  On 3 they keep the fist (rock), put their hand and fingers out flat (paper), or hold up 2 fingers (scissors).  Rock smashes scissors, scissors cut paper, paper covers rock.  Have a tournament to find the ultimate winner on your trip!

9. Spelling Bee- This one can be modified for young and old!  Just make sure you choose words you know how spell if you’re the judge!

10. Team Story- One person starts a story then passes it to the next person.  Each person adds on than passes it.

11. 20 Questions- One person thinks of something (anything) and the others have a total of 20 yes/no questions to get clues to try to figure it out.

12. Who Am I?- This is a fun one!  You can narrow it down to family/neighbors/friends for little kids or keep it broad for older kids and adults.  One person thinks of a person then the others have to ask yes/no questions to try to figure out who the person is.

13. Unfortunately/Fortunately- This is another funny one…one person says something unfortunate.  The next person takes it a step further making the situation fortunate.

Person A:  Unfortunately, I was attacked by a shark.
Person B:  Fortunately, it was a miniature shark and it barely left a scrape.
Person C:  Unfortunately, the scrape became infected and your left hand was amputated.
Person D:  Fortunately, I am not left handed.

14. Name That Song- Put the radio on scan.  When it stops, call out the Title and/or Artist before anybody else.

15. Buzz Word- At the beginning of the trip, pass out 10 paper clips to each person.  Then, choose a common word (bored, when, Mom…) as the ‘buzz word.’  When somebody accidentally says the word, the person that calls them out first takes one of their paper clips.  The person with the most clips at the end, wins.

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