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My husband likes to call radio stations.  Kind of a lot.  He just likes to win crap.

We saw comedian Anjelah Johnson last weekend, thanks to his little hobby, and had dinner at Pizzeria Limone before.  Here are my thoughts on both…

Pizzeria Limone

Pizzas- $7-9
Salads- $6-7
Kids- $4

Go eat here.  It’s really good.  We got the Pera pizza and the Italiano salad.  The pizza was MONEY.  It has an olive oil base instead of marinara, 5 cheeses, thinly sliced pear, prosciutto, fresh basil, and toasted pistachios, and thin red onion.  I would eat this pizza again.  And again…

The salad was a little weird…I wouldn’t order it again.  It had garbanzo beans, kidney beans, pickled beets, their house sausage, pepperoncini, mozzarella, and a creamy vinaigrette with a few slices of plain pizza-oven cooked dough.  The sausage tasted off to me.  I don’t know what exactly, it just wasn’t good.  Also, the pickled beets didn’t seem to go with everything.

We tried their Limone Brownie and Lemon Gelato for dessert.  Both were not amazing.  I’m not a huge brownie fan to begin with so you can take this review or leave it…but, it tasted commercial.  The brownie part was more like fudge, but not delicious fudge.  The layer above was kind of creamy, lemony, and sugary but it was grainy.  The top was chocolate frosting.  I wont get this again.

The Lemon Gelato wasn’t anything to write home about.  I was hoping for more of a fresh lemon, sour flavor and it was more of a sugary, creamy muted lemon.  I’ll try a different kind next time.

But the pizza…oh man.  I’m already planning a return trip so I can try the Viola- it has blackberries! and the Limone- with fresh lemon.

Also, the Salt Lake location has plenty of room and is kid-friendly.  They had a whole stack of high chairs and we saw several families.  I also like the industrial meets rustic design…probably should have snapped a few pics.  I guess I’ll just have to go back, huh?

Anjelah Johnson

Honestly, we had never heard of her until Luke won the tickets.  After some youtube research, we found out she’s a MADtv alum and has a clean show.

She’s funny.  The only other comedian we’ve ever seen is Jerry Seinfeld, though, and she isn’t as funny as him.  If Luke won free tickets again, I’d go.

The 3 girls sitting in front of us were insane.  They laughed at EVERYTHING.  And they were full-body laughers.  The one in front of me would lean so far back that her hair would get on me before she spasmed forward into the woman in front of her.  It wasn’t that funny.

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  1. Wait wait. You dont like brownies??? Is this another one of those reasons why we are exact opposites? …. Challenge accepted. I will now craft up hundreds of different brownies and try to convert you.

  2. If they are cake that you call ‘brownies’ I will eat them.

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