holidays 2012-13

We went out of town for the holidays.  The trip was INSANE.  Despite almost everything going wrong, we came home with some sweet memories.  I’ll start with the good:

-We got to hang out with my husband’s parents, siblings, and all their kids for 2 weeks

-I got so sing the big kids to sleep a few times and took requests ;)
-I won a game of croquet
-My nephew (4) was so excited to open his Secret Santa gift.  He got the paper off and screamed, “A BOX!!! I LOVE BOXES!!”  Then when he discovered it was a Spiderman Mask he yelled, “I got this!  This came from the BOX!!”  He had been drawing his own Spiderman masks and taping them to his face all week so this gift was perfect.
-I learned that my father-in-law puts mayonaisse on his steamed broccoli and makes peanut butter and jelly…and butter sandwiches
-The grown-ups helped the kids make gingerbread houses and trains

-We took over Target in an elaborate, sneaky, speedy Alo Family Secret Santa shopping trip

And then there was the not so good:

-Hollis started puking the night before we left.  Every 10 minutes.  For 6 hours.

-Luke started about 30 minutes after she stopped.
-Luke missed our cross-country flight so I had to get 3 kids, 3 car seats, 1 stroller, and 8 pieces of luggage from Utah to North Carolina.  By myself.  I did this with 20 minutes notice and with 1.5 hours of sleep because I had to hold Hollis the whole time she was sick and then I had to finish packing and cleaning alone while Luke was sick.  Did I mention how terrified I was that I was going to get the bug next, mid-flight/s?  Because I was and I cried.  I was this close to cancelling the whole trip.
-Luke arrived a few hours after us after spending $50 to change his flight. And he drove to the airport which added a big old parking fee.
-The next day was going well until Isca said, “I’m gonna throw up.”  Then she threw up.  In my face.  And all over the kitchen and both of us.
-Then grandma got it.
-Then grandpa got it.
-Several days later the youngest kid (2 months) got RSV.
-Then 2 of the kids had head lice.
-Then we tried to fly home.  Our flight got delayed by 4 hours so we missed our connection.  We decided to try again the next day.  They had already sent our car seats.  We had to borrow questionable ‘airport’ seats.
-We flew home.  Hollis was coughing and sounded like death.
-Went to the dr. to find that Hollis and Isca both had RSV and Hollis had a double ear infection.
-2 other kids got RSV.
-Stayed inside for one week doing nothing but snuggle and care for the sick girlies, do laundry, spray every surface with Lysol, unpack, search for lice, chug Airborne, and pray like crazy.

It was intense.

Here are some photos from the trip…

These babies are 3 months apart…and they love to hate each other ;)
The obligatory Christmas morning shot
Lazy Hollis on Christmas morning, eating cheerios out of my hand
She loves me more ;)
Mom! It’s the right size!
Santa knows what Hollis’ favorite snacks are ;)
Dad got Noa art lessons…
Isca loved the Hello Kitty necklace from Noa
Somebody LOVES Christmas
She broke at least 4 ornaments that I’m aware of
I creepily snapped this of my niece while she napped with her momma
The sad thing is that this is how my husband really looks after he skips a day shaving
This is why I quit cake decorating class…
Isca got help from a professional…Grandpa is a designer!  She’s also a perfectionist ;)

I was hoping to do a few posts about our trip but with all the sickness, we stayed at grandpa and grandma’s!

I hope your holidays were fun, too, and much less dramatic!

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