goals for 2013

Yes, that’s me finishing my one and only triathlon and yes, my number was 666…

Anyway, here are my goals for 2013, because I over-share and have a list obsession:

1. Run a few races, including a 10K
2. Feel strong…in the muscles department
3. Learn to do something/anything with my hair
4. Read 8 books, 2 that are religious
5. Read the Book of Mormon
6. Find and implement 5 ways to save money
7. Celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss somewhere foreign with good food and see more of Utah

8. Serve friends/neighbors
9. One-on-one quality time with my husband and each child each month
10. Maintain old friendships, contribute to current/new friendships
11. Learn new skills, thanks Pinterest…
12. Make our small home work for our big family- repairs, paint, organize, decorate
13. Adjust my attitude about things I hate, with the exception of cats and milk

What are your goals?  Have any suggestions or tips for mine?!


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