3 ways to look lovely

We’ve been working on positive attitudes lately, me and the kids.  Luke doesn’t need to work on it because he is the happiest man on the planet.  Have I ever mentioned that he wakes up singing?
Anyway, here’s how we get the sun to shine through our faces:
1. Breakfast Compliments.  We tell each other something we love about them while we eat breakfast.  Isca loves when Noa carries her to me if she gets hurt.  Noa loves that Isca plays with him outside.
2. Favorite Part of the Day.  After school or at bedtime we say the best part of our day.  Recess, watching a show, and getting a treat are standards.
3. Happy For Someone Else.  We tell about a time in the day we saw someone else have a great moment.  Recently, Noa told us that one of his classmates was doing a really great job during math so she got an extra treat from the teacher.  He didn’t tell us because he was upset that he didn’t get it, he was genuinely happy for her.  I’m teaching sportsmanship and I didn’t even know.
How do you keep a positive attitude?

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  1. I am so excited about this post! I know it’s a small one, and I hope other readers don’t overlook it, but I’ve been tremendously inspired by the idea of helping my children (AND myself) find ways to be focused on the good things around us and within each other. I especially gravitate to the idea of being happy for someone else. That one especially seems like a skill that would be difficult to cultivate. What a great idea! In our home we do “grumbles & greats” for the day and it’s been such a joy to hear about highs and lows of my two little boys. That daily tradition has been really beneficial to our family. Again, Thank you for sharing!

Rad Mom Cool Kid

Rad Mom Cool Kid