10 ‘experience’ gifts that won’t become clutter

Around here we like to give experiences as gifts because we aren’t ‘stuff’ kind of people and we have no more room for anymore ‘stuff’ even if we were.  Here’s a list of ideas that your kids can’t break, fight over, and that will last longer than 25 minutes:

1. zoo pass

(don’t mind my terrible red-eye edit job…I could have fixed it but I didn’t because I’m lazy)

2. skating rink date
3. lessons (art, dance, karate, guitar, swim, etc.)

4. children’s museum pass

5. ski pass
6. fun center date (like Chuck E. Cheese)
7. aquarium pass

8. gift card for their favorite restaurant
9. water park pass
10. summer movie club

Hooray!  No busted toys…no finding new homes in obscure places…and you’ll have some fun memories!

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  1. love this. what a wonderful idea!


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