polar express party

We have a fun little tradition our family started last year.  We have a Polar Express movie night with my husband’s brother and cousin and their families.  We make a big breakfast for dinner then we snuggle up with pillows and blankets in our jammies and watch Polar Express.

I make a big batch of hot cocoa and have lots of mix-ins ready to go for the perfect cup.  It’s low-key, cozy, and always a great time with people we love.  Here are a few pictures from our party over the weekend:

Probably one of my favorite things is the fake fireplace from Netflix.  Episode 2 has the crackling fire plus Christmas music.  Now I can be less of a crazy person about my fireplace DVD I got at the Dollar Spot a few years ago…

Hollis found a fun new texture experience…licking Dad’s stubbly face :)

Here’s most of the gang…

Isca’s elbows are totally disgusting…sorry.

Do you have a fun tradition, old or new, during the Holidays?

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