easy overnight bread

I’ve been making a bunch of stuff from pinterest this week.  We only had a few ‘fails’ that my kids were quick to let me know.  Most were keepers, like this easy overnight bread from Simply So Good.  Read through the comments for add-in ideas.  Here’s a look at how mine turned out:
Cranberry and Candied Ginger
Cheddar Onion

Cranberry and Candied Ginger– next time I’ll add some sugar or honey to the dough.  I didn’t measure the dried cranberries, just dumped what was left in a bag in the cupboard.  I put in 1/8 c. of minced candied ginger.  I couldn’t taste it so next time I’ll add more and only coarsely chop it.  It would also be really good with some cinnamon and orange zest!

Cheddar Onion– again, I didn’t measure, just grated medium cheddar until it looked good.  I added a palmful of dried minced onion.  This one was REALLY good as sandwich bread.  I had one with spinach, turkey and avocado that was heaven!

Notes– I used a 3 QT. sauce pan lined with parchment.  Measure your flour correctly.  Let them cool before cutting.  Be gentle when you pour the dough from the bowl.  You want to keep the air bubbles intact!

Hollis was a big fan :)


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