winter survival party

Noa has always been creative with party ideas…when he turned 3 he wanted a Monster/Space/Vegas Baby theme. (He used to call Las Vegas, “Vegas Baby.”)

This year it was McGyver/Bear Grylls.  I managed to talk him down to Survival in general.

The plan was to use our neighborhood’s trail system to do a scavenger/nature hunt, hike around the hills, get dusty…but then it snowed.  Big time.  So we changed the party to one of snowy survival.  We put an arctic episode of Man vs. Wild on as the boys arrived and gave them each a pencil and notebook so they could write down Bear’s survival tips.  After they all arrived we sent them outside.  One of the boys brought some snow brick molds so we told the boys, “one of the most important elements of survival is shelter, so get on it!”

Building a snow shelter

Then, Noa’s grandpa showed everyone his camping/ourdoors/hunting gear.  This was the part that Noa was the most excited about :)  He even rescheduled the party so grandpa could make it!


My dad, showing the boys the hunting rifle his dad gave him


The boys took notes during Man vs. Wild and while my dad gave them tips
Noa got to wear some of my dad’s gear while the boys learned about hunting safety
Everybody got a chance to try the bow :)
Noa was IN HEAVEN!!!
Noa with some buddies.  We passed out plates of chicken nuggets, tots, berries, and veggies while they listened.
Isca fit right in as one of the boys :)
Hollis just did her own thing…

We had a great time…a few snowball fights turned nasty but we worked through them and Noa loved every minute of it.  I sent a mini survival kit home with each boy that included a bright bandana, granola bar, and whistle.

I have to give a special thanks to my dad for driving down and bringing all of his cool weapons and gear to show the boys.  They loved asking him questions and being able to touch the stuff he brought!  (He did NOT bring any ammo, in case you were worried!!)

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  1. I am so impressed how focused those little guys are. Teaching 5-7 year olds is not easy. Kudos to your dad. Kudos to you for such a fun, creative party. Kudos to the birthday boy too!

  2. I was surprised they all sat still, too!

    Thanks for the love :)

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