thanksgiving recap 2012

We had a great Thanksgiving.  We invited one of Luke’s buddies from high school who moved out here a few years ago.  We slept in then started cooking like crazy!
Isca was so excited to help :)
Making homemade stock…
Cranberries, cider, and brown sugar…
My pie crust, ready to get baked…

I was trying to keep Hollis out of my hair.  I didn’t work:

Hollis is a climber
The pie…I made meringue for the first time!


We only had a few minor casualties!

I’m still amazed that we got everything done and kept hot until dinner time.  We were a little later than we had planned for but the food was worth the wait.

The turkey
Potato Gratin
Parker House Rolls
Brussels Sprouts
Savory Sweet Potatoes
The spread…

I’m thankful we could share our meal with family and friends.  I’m already thinking about next year…

You can find the recipes here.

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