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Oklahoma State Flag (far right) with 30 Rockefeller Center

I thought it might be nice to have one place to gather up all my tips and resources for planning a trip to New York City.


Prometheus Statue, Rockefeller Plaza

Three tools {Facebook, Pinterest and Google Maps} made the planning portion of my trip a cinch.  I’ll let you in on how I used them…

Facebook gives you the option to create an event and invite others.  You can make it as public or private as you wish then use it to correspond with other members of your group.  I was planning my trip with my mom and sister who live in Dallas, I’m in Salt Lake.  Facebook made it easy to post links, questions and information that were too long to text.  Facebook events are easy to edit as your plans change or details become final and your group is notified each time changes are made.


From the Empire State Building

Pinterest has the option to add contributors to any board you create.  I created a board for our trip, NYC: Fall 2012, then invited my mom and sister as contributors.  We then used the board to brainstorm.


Times Square at night

Google Maps lets you make custom maps.  I made a map of our trip that included our airports, hotel, our scheduled attractions, restaurants we knew we wanted to try, other attractions and restaurants we might want to visit, and metro stations close to where we were touring.  I didn’t use it once I was there because I don’t have a cool phone but I studied it a TON before I left and had a really solid understanding of Manhattan and where things were.


Times Square at night with fog

Other Helpful Links:

New York Pass (Another option is CityPASS- Save up to 40% on New York’s 6 best attractions with CityPASS. Shop Today!)


Brooklyn Bridge graffiti

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And here are the rest of the photos that didn’t make the cut in my other posts.  I was kind of obsessed with texture on this trip…


Subway train arriving at Brooklyn Bridge station
Wall Street subway station roof detail
Central Park bridge
Carriage at Central Park
Pavers at Bethesda Terrace, Central Park
Steps at Bethesda Terrace, Central Park


Sidewalk, Central Park West
NYC side street off of Central Park West
Building detail on Central Park West

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