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We have a fun family tradition of going on dates with our kids. Hollis is little and needy so she gets lots of our time and attention. The older ones are getting more self-sufficient so we make sure we let them know how much we love them and want to spend time with them by taking them out on the town every now and then. Sometimes we let the kids choose the date and sometimes we surprise them…here are our favorite dates we’ve done over the last few years:
Noa and I saw the play Oliver! over the weekend, it was one of his birthday gifts :)
1. Dollar Movie
2. Local Play
3. Mall Playground
4. Cabela’s
5. Holiday Art and Craft Shows
6. College Sports Games
7. Walk/Hike
8. Bowling
9. Arcade
10. Sit-down Restaurant
This is an oldie but you can see how much Isca LOVES going out with daddy!

Most of our dates are inexpensive but sometimes we’ll splurge on something they’ll really love.  The point isn’t about topping the last outing or buying their appreciation/love/good behavior, it’s about just spending time together.

My favorite things about going out with each of my kids, individually, is getting to see their own personality develop.  Isca follows Noa’s lead a lot so I like to see what she gravitates toward when she’s calling the shots.  I also LOVE getting to talk with them about friends, school, favorite foods, how they’re doing, etc.  Our parent/kid dates are one of my favorite traditions!

What are your favorite one-on-one activities with your kiddo(s)?

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