nyc: day 6

Friday 5 October 2012
On our last day in my new favorite city, we went to get breakfast at the Waffles and Dinges foodcart at Columbus Circle.  O. M. Waffles is all I will say at this point.  I promise to share pictures, in all their chewy, crispy, Nutellaliciousness at a later date… (click here for the review!)
Wafles and Dinges food cart
My mom had to catch her airport shuttle after breakfast so we went back to the hotel.  After she left I checked out of our room and left my bags with the bellman.  It only cost $0.50 per bag!  I didn’t need them until 4:00pm so it was great to ditch them and spend my last few hours in the city luggage-free.
I wasn’t really sure what to do all by myself so I figured I’d just start walking, you know, playing the Left, Right Or Straight? game at intersections.  I chose right out of the hotel and good thing because I found Mike from Jersey Shore.  He was pacing around, probably waiting for a car.
I swear that the man wearing the gray and white striped shirt is The Situation from Jersey Shore.  He kept moving and I never got a good picture!

After my photo shoot with The Sitch I headed to Times Square for one last look.  It was a good thing I did because I found myself looking at myself on one of the huge screens.  Another check! on the old bucket list…
Ok, ok…I’m at the very bottom left of the crowd.  It was moving faster than I could get my camera ready!
After I had had enough of being totally famous, I decided to walk down 5th Avenue and window shop.  I found a cool new store and I would have gotten stuff if it weren’t for my already-bulging-had-to-stand-on-it-to-zip-it suitcase.  It’s called Uniqlo and it has U.S. locations in New York, New Jersey and California.  I sent them a message asking for a Utah location so they should make the announcement any day now.
I wanted to see more of the park so I kept walking 5th Ave. until I found a spot where I felt like heading in…
Central Park Zoo
Tree Endowment Paving Stones, Central Park
While I was wandering around, I found an artist, Edie Pijpers, that was selling some prints of her original works.  I bought two really sweet pictures of little kids in hot air balloons, flying over New York City.  I don’t know why I only got two…but no big deal, I just found this one on her Etsy sight so each of the kids can have one.
Central Park
Bethesda Fountain, Central Park
Me with Bethesda Terrace in Central Park
A building on Central Park West from Central Park
I got lost in Central Park.  There are all kinds of little side trails and the trees are so thick that I had NO IDEA where I was or how to get out!  So, I just kept walking and eventually came out near the Museum of Natural History.
Central Park
Central Park
After the park, I wandered around the streets a bit.
Manhattan LDS Temple
Manhattan LDS Temple
Like I said in the first post from the trip, I bought two one-way tickets instead of one round-trip because it was cheaper.  I flew into Newark but left from JFK.  The great thing about JFK is that you have the option of taking the Subway to the JFK AirTrain, which drops you at your terminal.  Other options include a shuttle or cab.  I ended up taking the Subway but here are the pro’s and con’s I weighed when deciding:
Subway and AirTrain
Pro- $5
Pro- No traffic
Con- Unfamiliar
Con- I had luggage
Con- I was a target for killers, rapists, scary people
Pro- No work for me
Pro- Luggage is easily managed
Pro- No stress about if I’m doing it right
Con- Expensive
Con- Traffic
Pro- No work for me
Pro- Luggage is easily managed
Con- Leave really early
Con- More than $5
Con- Traffic
So, I busted out my handy (actually not handy, it was enormous) map of the subway and figured out how to get to JFK.  I called my husband and had him double check the info online and then all I had to do was do it.  I almost chickened out a few times but I really didn’t want to spend a ton of money for something I could do for $5.  So, I hauled my suitcase through the crowds on the street and only ran over one person.  I was most nervous about how to get my suitcase over the turnstyle once I was down in the station but there was a worker that let me swipe my card then go through the emergency exit.  The ride was about 30 minutes then I got off and transfered to the JFK AirTrain for $5.  The AirTrain took me right to my terminal.  Easy.  I don’t know why I was so worried.  Oh, yes I do, killers.
Me and my Subway Map
JFK wasn’t very busy so I got through security quickly and grabbed a bite to eat and shopped a little before my flight left.
JFK Airport
Best vending machine ever

Luke picked me up and we got home around 11:00.  I went straight for my babies.  I smooched Isca a million times but she slept right through it, then I woke up Noa.  He looked confused for half a second before he gave me the tightest hug!  He said, “I missed you, Mom.  Thanks for waking me up.  Did you get me any weapons?”  I gave him tons of loves and promised to give him his gifts (no weapons) in the morning.  My last stop was Hollis.  She was dead asleep but I could not stop myself from waking her.  The poor thing was so confused, she just stared at me with her eyes all squinty from the hall light and she would smile then frown then smile again.  She never gets woken up so I think she was totally freaked out, and still really tired.  I gave her tons of hugs and kisses and made myself put her back in her bed!

The trip was GREAT but I hated being away from Luke and the kids.  That part was so hard!  Luke and Noa are both so funny, Isca is sweet and girly and snuggly, and Hollis is so full of baby lovliness…I am blessed with a wonderful family.

So, there you have it.  6 days of my experiences in New York City.  I checked a few boxes on my bucket list, fell in love with another city, and am already planning return trips with Luke and the kids. 

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