nyc: day 5

Thursday 4 October 2012

The first thing we did was head to Canal Street.  My sister really wanted to buy some knock-off purses.  She got a faux Louis Vuitton for $75 and a faux Tory Burch for $45.  My mom got a faux Coach for $45, as well.  Me?  I got 3 scarves, $5 each :)

After the bags were bought, my sister had to catch her airport shuttle back to Newark.  The hotel concierge gave her a few phone numbers and she found one that was $25.  My mom and I said good-bye then headed to Brooklyn for lunch.  We ate at a pizza place called Grimaldi’s.  I’ll save the details for a review post next week :)  (Click here for the review!)


After lunch, we took the Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway to get back to Manhattan.  It was very overcast but still fun.  The view is much better if you take it from Brooklyn to Manhattan but if you must go from Manhattan to Brooklyn, at least turn around a lot to see the skyline!

Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway, Manhattan Skyline
Graffiti on the Brooklyn Bridge
Locks on the Brooklyn Bridge


After the bridge we went to Wall Street.  It was boring.  The Trinity Church was covered with scaffolding and that was the main thing I wanted to see there.

New York Stock Exchange
Wall Street


After Wall Street, we stopped off at Grand Central Terminal to have a look around.  It is big.

If you go, look up, the ceiling is amazing!

Grand Central Terminal ceiling

After our day of exploring we had dinner at B. Smith’s on Restaurant Row then went to Peter and the Starcatcher in the Brooks Atkinson Theater.  The theater was right by our hotel and dinner was very close, too.

I forgot to take a picture of us at the theater…but I have to say the show was awesome!  It got 5 Tony’s last year.  The story is of how Peter Pan got to Neverland and how the different characters in the story we all know and love came to be.  It is very creative, hilarious, engaging, and the costumes and sets are wonderful.  I would see it again and I’m quite critical of plays and musicals.

The Brooks Atkinson Theater is much smaller than the Gershwin, where we saw Wicked, but it is very charming and has so much character.  It was a treat to see a show there.

After the show, we packed and went to bed.  We walked a lot during the day and were glad to rest!

Tomorrow, I will tell you about stepping out of my comfort-zone…spoiler- I lived.

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