nyc: day 4 or how to get jimmy fallon tickets

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Our day started off early.  We had to be at 30 Rockefeller Center by 8:30 to pick up our tickets for a 9:00 tour.


While we waited for our tour to start we got to watch some of the girls from Jersey Shore tape a segment.  The best part was  this poor girl that walked by.  She did a double take then freaked out.  Hands over her mouth, holding onto things for support, bending over, jazz hands, and tears.  The guy she was with was pretty embarrassed.  So was I, frankly.

This attraction is $25 unless you have a New York Pass.  You MUST call to make a reservation and they will charge your credit card if you don’t show up.  You cannot reschedule or cancel once you’ve made your reservation.  Also, if you need to use the restroom your tour is over.  They are pretty serious about the whole thing.
The tour takes about an hour and is kind of cool.  You get to peek into a few studios but you have no way of knowing which ones will be available when you go.  We saw Dr. Oz, Jimmy Fallon, and Football Night in America.  Pages conduct the tour and give you the history and fun facts about the studios.  You also get a brief history of NBC.


After spending the morning at NBC, we went to the MoMA.  It is also included on the pass or $25 without.  I really liked this museum.  It had lots of great pieces and had a cool, fresh vibe…not as stuffy as the Met.


View of the MoMA from the Sculpture Garden

Here are some of my favorite pieces…

Sprawl 1 and Wall Sprawl (Next to Las Vegas Bay), Andrea Zittel
Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh
1984, Edward Ruscha
Gold Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol
Collection of Forty Plaster Surrogates, Allan McCollum
Untitled, Christopher Wool
We had lunch at a little place called La Bonne Soup  (review here!) then headed back to Rockefeller Center to pick up our Jimmy Fallon tickets.  Once we had them we had about an hour to kill so we people watched and headed to the Lego store.


This place is a Lego lover’s dream.  My mom got Christmas presents for my big kids and I had to stop myself from buying things for me! 

They have Lego replicas of the statues at Rockefeller Center :)


Getting tickets to see Jimmy is a long process with lots of steps and lots of waiting in lines.  I’ll break it down for you.

1. Call the ticket office over and over and over, waiting for the dates of your trip to open up.  They don’t film every night (Tuesdays are dark) so make sure you are flexible.  Here’s the number  (212) 664-3056.

2. Once you get through and the page takes all your information, you’ll get an email.  PRINT THE EMAIL and take it with you.

3.  On the day of the show you have to go to the second floor of the NBC Experience Store at 3:00.  It DOES NOT matter where you are in line.  I’m pretty sure it all has something to do with how old your group is and how you are dressed.  If you are a 20-something hipster, you will get better seats.  If you are a 60-something hooker, you will sit in the back.

You will all be put into two groups and then pages will take your email print out and give you tickets and wrist bands that are numbered.  This number means nothing.  Some tickets are purple, some are green.  Some are numbered, some are lettered.  We had purple tickets with number 1 on them.  We didn’t have great seats.

4.  You will be instructed to line up at a specific elevator at 4:15.  If you show up at 4:14 a snotty page will tell you to come back at 4:15.  Seriously.  Once it is actually 4:15 you are all herded up the escalator and then put into 3 lines according to your number/letter.  As you wait around pages and interns come and pick people to participate on the show.  This is all about looks, people, so look cool.  Unless they want drunk, or tool-like, or flirty, or whatever they have pre-written into the show.  Look that way if you want to get on.  Good luck.

5.  At about 5ish they start seating everyone.  Our line was the LAST to go in.  All the hipsters were sitting in the front middle section.  Then they were filling in the sides according to how many people you had in your party and what you were wearing.  Bright colors get the aisle so I lucked out since I wore a bright red sweater.  We were on the side and a few rows down from the top.

And that, my friends, is how our Jimmy Fallon ticket getting experience went.  The show went by really fast.  Our guests were Martin Short, Logan Lerman, and Morrisey.  While we were waiting for the show to start, they had a comedian ‘warm up’ the audience.  He was really funny.  It was hard to hear over everyone laughing and I much prefer watching the show on t.v.

One thing lots of people have wondered about are the commercial breaks.  Jimmy films several hours earlier than his show airs but they do take a few minutes during the commercial breaks.  This gives them time to retouch make-up, set up activities, clean up the activities, set up the band, and film little personalized promos for different stations.

The reason they film so early is for The Roots.  They travel from Philadelphia every day for the show.  Every day.  This way they can get back home at a reasonable hour.

At the end of Morrisey’s song, Jimmy ran up one aisle and down the other high-fiving audience members.  We all got one :)  I made Luke DVR the show and watch it but they only showed the audience once and it was to zoom in on two older ladies they had wear silly t-shirts.  (We did make it on the Today show by accident though, we walked behind where they were filming on the plaza on our way to the NBC Studio Tour!)

After filming we went straight to dinner at a place called Bangkok House.  We walked around Times Square for a little while, then called it a night.

Come back tomorrow for our venture off the island!

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