nyc: day 2

This post is going to be picture-heavy, just to warn you.  We got 3-day New York Passes and started them on our first full day.  The passes are about $150 each and get you into TONS of attractions.

Monday, 1 October 2012


The first thing we did was a full island boat tour of Manhattan.  This is part of the New York Pass or is $40 alone.  I’m glad I did it once but it was pretty long and COLD.  The best place to see everything is at the very front of the boat.  It is also where the wind whips right through you.  If you go, think about taking a jacket and gloves.  It was cool to see the city from the outside, at the same level, and we went by the Statue of Liberty.

I forgot my camera (duh!) so the photos from the tour are courtesy of my sister, Aryn Call.  Thanks, sis!

This is my younger sister and I, waiting for the tour to begin…

The best view…notice how I’m already feeling like a popsicle?  I had to go in and get a hot cocoa to warm up.  The boat has concessions but they are expensive.  Nachos were $7.50, for example.  My cocoa set me back $2.50, not too shabby.  It was gross, really watery, but hot.

View of One World Trade Center from the boat
This fire boat was out because some military or foreign special person boat was coming into the harbor.  Maybe I should have taken notes.
I can’t remember where this is…but I want to say at the north end of Manhattan.


We were planning to just head straight to Top of the Rock, to check out the view but a guide talked us into taking an art and architecture tour of Rockefeller Center.  My mom is an artist and was excited to learn about all the Art Deco pieces that Abby Rockefeller commissioned for the buildings.  Our guide, Brooks, took us into several buildings and told us the stories behind the works in them. 

I’m glad we did it.  It was about an hour and afterward he took us straight to the top, whithout having to wait in any lines (awesome!).  The tour is regularly $15 but free with the New York Pass.

While we were waiting for the tour to start, Jay Pharoah walked by.  I have watched Saturday Night Live for my whole entire life so it was awesome to see a cast member!  Another cast member walked by after we got a picture with Jay but she was already past us when the security guard told us.

While we were waiting for our tour to start we saw Jay Pharoah from SNL.  He was obviously wicked excited to be in a picture with us.  We mostly felt like it was stupid and lame and we hated it.

30 Rock was filming a scene in the plaza during our tour and Tina Fey was in it!  Famous Person Overload.

We saw Tina Fey and Howard Stern and probably a few others…

Okay, okay, back to the tour:

This is where they put the Christmas Tree :)
Entrance of 30 Rockefeller Center


This attraction is also part of the pass.  It is $25 without it, and you have to wait in a long line.  You get a great view of Central Park to the north and of the Empire State Building to the south.  We didn’t spend a ton of time up there.  It was crowded and once you’ve seen the view, why stay?

Looking south from 30 Rockefeller Center.  The Chrysler Building is is peeking out from behind the MetLife Bldg. at the far left, the Empire State Bldg. is the tallest, at the right, and the next tallest, in the far background is the new One World Trade Center.
Looking north from 30 Rockefeller Center
See me and mom?

Next, we walked through the very southern end of Central Park.  It is crazy to be surrounded by so much nature and still hear all the traffic and see the skyscrapers peeking through the trees. 

Wester corner of Central Park, across from Columbus Circle


Our last attraction of the day was the Empire State Building.  I originally had planned this for a different day but the weather forecast had me switching things last minute to avoid rain.  We went on the best night, totally clear!  Every other night we were there was foggy.  This is part of the pass, or $25 without.

I’m so glad we did this at night.  The city lights were so beautiful and we were up much higher than Top of the Rock.  The park is obstructed by 30 Rockefeller Center but I didn’t miss it.

View of the Hudson (I think!) River from the Empire State Building
Looking at the Chrysler Building from the Empire State Building
The building was lit up pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Looking up at the Empire State Building
Looking north from the Empire State Building

Looking southeast from the Empire State Building
Looking southwest from the Empire State Building

On our way back to the hotel we passed the New York Public Library. 

For dinner we were supposed to eat at a food truck called Waffles and Dinges.  They have savory waffles that sounded really good.  Well, the map showing where the truck was located lied.  We found their cart but the truck had the dinner.  So, we had Chipotle.  CHIPOTLE, people.  Negative points to us for NYC food street cred.  Sad face.

Our next day in New York was mom’s BIRTHDAY!!!  Stick around for it!

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