how to measure flour

Both of these mounds of flour were measured in a 1 cup dry measuring cup…so how did I get such different amounts?

Each mound measures one cup of flour?

The mound on the left is flour that has been packed into the measuring cup.  You know, like brown sugar.  If you measure flour by packing it down, you are doing it wrong.  Your baked goods will turn out dense, bland, and dry.

The mound on the right is flour that has been fluffed, spooned gently into the measuring cup, then leveled off with a butter knife.  This is how you measure flour the right way.  Your baked goods will turn out lighter, more flavorful, and more moist.

The mound on the left contains about 1.5 cups of flour, the mount on the right contains 1 cup.

So, now you know how to measure flour!  Make sure you don’t cheat and dip your measuring cup, spoon the flour in, you must SPOON the flour ;)

How To Measure Flour

1.  Fluff the flour up with a spoon.
2.  Gently spoon the flour into a dry measuring cup.
3.  Use the back of a butter knife to scrape the extra flour off the cup.

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