lunchbox: homemade lunchable

My kids like the novelty of Lunchables.  I get it.  I liked them when I was young, too.  Now that I’m a mom, I don’t like the processed cheese, sugary drink, and that they don’t have fruit or veggies.  We make our own around here and they are a big hit.  Even with Isca, who would eat PB and J at every meal for the rest of her life if I let her.

Thermos lunchbox, Rubbermaid Sandwich Kit, Cars water bottle, smile bag, pirate card- Target

I love the Rubbermaid Sandwich Kit.  It comes with 4 containers with snap-on lids and a freezer pack that the containers snap onto.  It keeps the meat and cheese cold and safe.

Who’s eating:

Noa, 1st grade boy, 6 almost 7

What’s in it:

6 club crackers
6 slices deli turkey
3 slices cheddar cheese
4 baby carrots
pirate card with a note from mom

Where do I get it:

Target.  The smile bags and little cards were at the Dollar Spot before school started but you might have luck finding the other items.

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